Technology Is Our Best And Most Valuable Asset Essay

1517 Words Nov 29th, 2016 7 Pages
Mankind’s Greatest Asset Media and technology is our best and most valuable asset in our everyday lives. Everyday more and more people come in contact with some form of technology whether they like it or not. It’s not something you can completely avoid, and something you shouldn’t. Heaps of everyday problems, or general questions can be answered in the matter of seconds as our stream of technology continues to grow, vastly beyond our comprehension. There is also solid evidence that supports the idea that we are so dependent on it, even our future jobs will mostly consist of computers, and therefore, we will need to have more tech savvy skills. Technology is our most valuable asset in our everyday lives. About sixty-eight percent of the population of the United States own some type of smartphone. Having access to these smart phones is like having every single piece of information around the world in your pockets. People are starting to read newspapers less because they are growing on the idea of reading articles from the internet. Having this type of access to information across the globe can further help us enlighten ourselves while helping us better oneself. Some people suggest that this may be a bad thing though and actually impedes us. An example of such a person would be Nicholas Carr in his essay “Google Is Making Us Stupid”. Carr states that by having all of this information, people just skim articles and then jump to the next, not really absorbing the content of…

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