Technology Is Evolving At The World Today Essay

1703 Words Nov 25th, 2016 7 Pages
In the World today, technology is evolving at an unimaginable rate. There are advancements happening in medicine and in engineering that was thought to be distant only a few years ago, and some that were only dreamt of in the 20th century. One of these many advancements has been in the creation of autonomous cars which have started emerging all around the world by companies like Google, Tesla, and some major car companies. Although there are some who are skeptical of the automation of cars with the reports of accidents from the likes of Tesla’s self-driving cars and even Google’s, there are also many benefits to the automation of transportation and it will even change the approach to travel in general and how people interact within their vehicles. Self-driving cars are no doubt the way of the future and will soon be a part of everyday life, but for now, there are still issues around them being brought up in pop-culture. One of the main issues with self-driving cars is the ability of the vehicle to react to human error. Humans are very unpredictable and can make very dangerous decisions like running across a busy road or making unexpected stops and lane changes. These are things that normal drivers are typically aware of and on the lookout for ahead of time. However, this is being worked around by having very complex camera systems and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems to track the surroundings of a vehicle, even things that are distant and out of sight to the…

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