Essay on Technology Is Becoming A Popular Nowadays

1380 Words Jul 21st, 2016 null Page
Technology is becoming very popular nowadays. Especially in the developed countries and now we can even see computers in some non- developed countries as well. The use of computers is very important and helpful for majority organizations. Some companies can’t even function without computers. In addition, the benefits of computer are very important and it’s not only helping with tasks but it’s also helping with environment. Furthermore, computer helps with keeping documents not in a paper form. Meaning people don’t have to keep documents or important files at home in folders. They can just save them on their computer. From what we covered in class, ten years from now computers will be at everyone home all over the world. They will also have different features and they will become clear or understandable to users. Many Households will have more computerize features such as having a fridge that can detect product that are not available and can make an order by just pressing a bottom. Computerized house entry that will be more secure than what we have nowadays. In my opinion, it will be very high technology system that will sense the home owner’s blood type or key less entry. Basically the door will open automatically. This will be very helpful when they are short hand carrying grocery or moving in furniture etc. I also think the size of all computers will be much smaller but they will be able to hold more storage. Moreover, computers will have undying battery so we don’t have…

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