Essay on Technology Is An Essential Part Of The 21st Century

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Technology is an essential part of the 21st century. It is not only creating its own space among society on the creation of the “future”, but also influencing people with its biggest tool, social media. Twitter has grown in unbelievable ways, specially among the young generation. Since Twitter has created its own space in this century, the question is how can Twitter be used by college students to enhance the interaction in class. The answer is simple. According to a few studies, Twitter can be used in the classroom to increase the interaction between college students where they feel the authenticity of the course and that they are in some way connected to something real.
Technology is being used with almost everything, and social media is already becoming part of people’s live, where they stay “connected” 24 hours. Social medias are not only being used for personal things, but also for work. Age is not a problem because they are becoming easier to learn. Twitter has over 300 million users all over the world, and people still have doubts about their use among college students. Junco, R., G. Heibergert, and E. Loken created a study, “The Effect of Twitter on College Student Engagement and Grades.” for the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning where they argue that Twitter, used for educational purposes, can create a better engagement between the college students and consequently improve their grades. Two major facets were proposed in the study which are the in-class…

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