Technology Has Improved Many Aspects Of Human Civilization Essay

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Technology has improved many aspects of human civilization. A major part of this improvement has been the introduction of various tools to improve the quality of life of individuals. An area of life that has seen a surge of tool implementation has been education. With the development of the internet and sensor applications, the technology we have at hand can be used to develop various applications suited to help improve learning more in less time. For a brief background, I will talk about the early applications of technology and how it was received early on. This is to gain an understanding on what the initial concept of technology aided education looked like. Then, I will go into how those ideas translated into modern day. Often times we see complains by teachers about technology, and while this is not true for every teach, it is worth looking into. Lastly, the success of technology in education will be discussed. By knowing where it is succeeding in education, educators can utilize the most effective tools for different situations. Technology is simply a tool and will not be better than the person who uses it.
Technology aided education has been thoroughly studied by 2000 with over 700 empirical research studies. Often times the research ended up finding that technology aided teaching helped with student performance in different metrics. Most notably, there was a significant rise in standardized test and researcher produced tests. This ranged different subjects and…

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