Essay on Technology Has Caused The People Of The World

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The Power of Knowledge Have advancements in knowledge changed the way people think about science experiments and the things scientist are creating? The people rely on these advancements and do not notice the effects they are having on them and their lifestyle. The advancements in science caused the people of the world to be lazy, cause harm to animals, and causing outrageous inventions to be invented. New technology has caused the people of the world to be lazy. The people in the United States are obese because they do not have to do anything for themselves. When televisions were invented, the people had to physically turn the dial in order to turn the TV. The invention changed and the people were able to turn the TV with a remote control and they did not have to get up. In the modern day, the people can now say commands to the TV and the person does not have to lift a finger. This evolution showed how the technology made humans use less energy than the first invention. Another evolutional invention is the automobile. The first car was a buggy and carriage. This required the human driving to use his hands to steer the house in the correct direction. The next advancement to the car was the motor put in the car so the car would travel distances faster than with the horse and carriage. The modern car now has evolved to a machine so a human can get into the car and just sit while the car parks itself. The invention allows the person “driving” to sit there and not move a…

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