Technology Has An Everlasting Impact On The Lives Of Many People

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Technology has an everlasting impact in the lives of many people. From the moment the technology was established, an enemy was created. A new and dangerous habit that most Americans have developed over the past couple of years is texting while driving. Texting while driving is the mistake that changed Reggie Shaw’s life forever. The author of the book Matt Richtel is trying to portray Reggie Shaw as irresponsible because he is texting while driving, and he refuses to take responsibility for what happened; however, college students who read the book will see Reggie as a deceiver instead because he wants people to think he is innocent. Reggie Shaw is a nineteen year old boy whose life change forever on September 22, 2006. Reggie is involved in a serious accident because he was using his phone. According to Matt Richtel the author of A deadly wandering, Reggie phone left a faint on his pocket because Reggie love to keep his phone on him regularly (1). Maybe it were an accident, or maybe it was just a moment of inattention or something insidious. Exactly what happened that day is unclear (2). Reggie has an idea of what happen but he refuses to be truthful with himself. Reggie is full of life before the accident, but after the tragic event happen his life and mental health become worse. Reggie is a polite boy who has already survived a few challenges, for example, he had a concussion when he plays football, he is socially awkward too because he was a mild boy who kept to…

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