Technology During The Civil War And Boomed During Wwi Essay

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Over the course of time, warfare has grown to reach devastating power due to the advances of technology. In the first wars, we were still using rows of men in flanks to fire shots at one another. As new inventions came about that advanced warfare, we altered how we fought from flanks, to trenches, to a government building, or now from the comfort of your own home. Through the new technologies we have accumulated, war has become impersonal through the advancements of cyber attacks and remote controlled weaponry that can cause irreparable damages to countries and their government infrastructures.The dissemination of this technology has caused huge advancement on the offensive and defensive fronts, as well as inducing tensions among various nations. As old technology from previous wars has gone out of style, many of them have been reinvented to serve many purposes, some even within your own household. The growth of technology and its possibilities are astonishing and breath taking. The first huge steps towards a technologically advanced war started during the civil war and boomed during WWI. The Gatling Gun was first introduced during the American Civil War to fight the flanks more efficiently with the first type of machine gun (Wright). When the troops would line up to fire, this new gun allowed them to release a significant amount of ammunition toward their opponent in a much shorter time frame (Newspaper Pictorials). As we moved into the first World War, trenches were used…

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