Weapons Vs Bombers Essay

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Tanks vs. Bombers World War II was a war in which the world had many technological advances in the way that wars were fought. Of those advances, weaponry advancements were some of the most changed. These weaponry advances included the Bomber and the Tank. Both of these mobile weapons revolutionized warfare by having the ability to deal great damage without getting up close and personal with the intended target. While both weapons had a profound and revolutionary impact on the war, the bomber was the more important weapon in World War II than the tank. Factors such as their exclusivity, killing capabilities, and key battles are all factors that helped to determine which weapon was the most important. There are many factors that led to the …show more content…
The bomber, by itself, could wreak havoc on an area very accurately from great altitudes. And, when escorted by p51 mustangs, there was no stopping one of these flying fortresses. These bombers relatively easy to take down, so fighter planes often escorted them to serve as a defense. Some bombers, like the Lancaster B.I., had capabilities of carrying a bomb load weighing up to 20,000 pounds. Just one of these bomb loads could have devastating effect on area up to 50,000 square meters, and when these bombers flew in large groups, often consisting of twenty or more planes, could devastate large areas below. Tanks on the other hand, while still capable of long-range killing, were not nearly as effective as the bomber was. The tank’s ideal fight was one of medium to close range in which it could take out enemy trucks, troops, and walls of bases. On the battlefield, a tank was the last thing an on foot soldier wanted to see as these rolling cannons combined high firepower with very heavy armor, which proved to be nearly impossible for a foot soldier to take it

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