Essay about Technology Changing Education For The Better Or Not

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Technology changing education for the better or not Technology can be used for your education uses like looking for a tutor, trying to contact your teacher and more. Technology is amazing for teacher to they can show us videos about what we’re going to learn and can teach us even faster. But it also has its flaws like they can get distracted with games, funny videos, ads about how to change your eye color and other random things. This can also stop students from carrying about anything else but the games the videos and the outside world. They can even forget about eating for a whole week I know how it feels because I used to be like that, but you just need a time limit because if your just always on it and never leave it that’s also not healthy for you. Since technology was invented (cell phones, computers, ext.) mostly everything has gotten easier for people especially for students and teachers. Teachers can easily show students websites to help them with every subject especially math I 've researched and looked on different websites and it 's been math. there are specific websites that can show you how to do the problem that there struggling on. This technology can also help you with your studies when you have a test the next day later and you didn’t study. I 've use it for practice test flash cards to help me and even tutors to help me with them. According to Edsurge “when you take a closer look, you will realize how much more this assistive technology provides in…

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