Essay about Technology And Us : Technology

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Technology and Us.
20 years ago, people did not imagine what a device of the size of the palm of your hand could do. Communication in the past two decades has evolved incredibly. It has shortened the biggest distances in unthinkable ways. Undoubtedly, the evolvement of the telephone is the biggest attraction for people of all ages. Landlines were the main source of communication in the past. Cellphone use was uncommon, because it was at its beginning. At that time they were used just for calling; there was no existence of text messages. A cell model well known at that time was the Nokia 8110. It created a fashion trend; because its distinctive styling was the first example of a “slider” form factor. It has a sliding cover that protected the keypad when being carried in the pocket and extended downwards in use, bringing the microphone closer to the mouth. This magnificent model weighed 0.31 lb. Its dimensions were 141 x 48 x 25 mm. This model is part of the process of creation of the new generation in which we live today.
A device that has changed the way we receive information and a source of endless entertainment is the television. Television in 1994 was totally different from what we are used to today. The video quality, the TV’s sizes, and the channels quantity are the aspects to take more into consideration. At that time the best quality you could find was standard resolution. Even though it is not the most impressive resolution we have seen, it was a great progress in…

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