Essay about Technology and the Impact on Cybersecurity

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Technology and the Impact of Cyber Security Cyber security is one of the most significant issues facing world leaders today. Besides, threats from cyber attacks pose serious challenges to global network. In fact, most governments recognize the need to implement cyber security in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems. Cyber security is important because it ensures security of information. ICT systems encompass various aspects of the government. For instance, ICT systems cover national security, well being and economy of the government. Essentially, cyber security ensures that reliable information is relayed to the right systems. Notably, Australian authorities are increasing awareness on cyber crimes. Additionally, …show more content…
This was followed in 1949 by John Neumann’s theory on self-replicating programs like computers. This was important to the development of computers with the capability of holding information in what is now referred to as computer memory. John was a Hungarian scientist with experience in programming. This development set stage for technological innovations in cyber viruses as well as attacks (Hansen & Nissenbaum, 2009). In 1945, AT&T introduced data phone, which was considered as the first commercial modem. This was followed closely by the development of ASCII, also known as the American standard Code for information interchange. This code allowed machines from different producers to relay information. The following year (1964) saw close scrutinizing of calls with the aim of identifying intruders. These people produced tones to evade paying for services. AT&T conducted this surveillance between 1964 and 1970. In the end, 200 people were convicted after 33 million toll calls were monitored. This saw a rise in number of criminals who would use their intelligence to call freely. This was followed in 1969 by the development of UNIX operating system. UNIX operating system allowed users to multi task. This was a major development in computer systems. However, it came with renewed challenges. This was followed by the development of ARPANET, which was essential to research agencies and governments as well as universities.

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