Technology And The 21st Century Education Standard Of Online Learning

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It’s a Thursday you are looking for awesome information, you read part of a search, which has exactly what you are looking for, you click on it and suddenly “Web site is blocked!” Schools are being paid to give students computers meaning all our work is digital. Technology is advancing and with it is the 21st century education standard of online learning. Electronic have allowed the people to do so much including boosting a student’s ability to make better and more accurate research papers. Web Blockers are a hindrance on students’ rights for a better Education.
To start, students are not knowledgeable and being limited to information does not help, which can cause emotional stress. Students do not learn in the same ways, and it helps to be able to look up ways to learn the information in a way the teachers has not presented. Mindshift’s article talks about the over blocking of Web resources when is says,” It also “creates barriers to learning and acquiring digital literacy skills that are vital for college and career readiness, as well as for full participation in 21st-century society.” (Mindshift) In life parents push for the best, having a barrier between the information and resources needed to be at a parents standards can hurt the student. Not being able to live up to parental standards causes emotional stress, damages, self-esteem and can cause emotional breakdowns. Stress is an emotion that can affect the human body in negative ways and is a result of frustration or…

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