Essay about Technology And Its Impact On The World

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As citizens of the United States, we enjoy a vast number of luxuries compared to many regions of the world, including a high level of modernity in terms of the technological implementation in our society. It is clear to see that technology exists among us in a multitude of ways, and that for many us it has become a necessary staple in our daily lives for things such as doing business, gaining an education, and for communicating efficiently. Beyond what the eye can however, is the price that the people and environment of developing regions pay for our seemingly limitless creation, distribution, and especially disposal of the electronic hardware that feeds the ever growing technological reliance.
The general public should become more aware of what happens after our old electronics make the short journey to our trash bin, and recognize the responsibility developed regions have in maintaining a peaceful coexistence between humankind and the environment. This essay will take a closer look at some of the investigations already done on the topic by a variety of media outlets from differing regions of the world, and analyze the key differences that underlie the information, perspectives, and the overall message spread by each source regarding the issue.
Annually, upwards of 42 million tons of electronic waste is disposed of around the world, with the United States responsible for over 7 million tons of it, and other regions of the Global North making up the rest of the majority. An…

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