Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

2446 Words Oct 20th, 2016 10 Pages
Nowadays, modern society has become very dependent on technology and it has been a large part of everyday life. Whether it be reading books, the newspaper, or any other article, most of it is now online instead of on paper. One of the largest issues that has come up because of new technology is that the older generations believe that the book is starting to disappear. In some cases, that face may be true, such as the Oxford English Dictionary which has now stopped printing copies and has switched fully to only online versions (Bellissimo). With the addition of the Kindle, could this actually be the end of books due tobecause of technology? Books may seem like they never possibly could go away, but different generations after generations grow up in different waysly. This could be the generation that puts the end to the book and switches fully towards technology such as the Kindle. As Marco Roth puts it “Soon kids will neglect books altogether and, in a generation or three, the book will seem as strange to human beings as the papyrus scroll (Roth). As Roth describes it, kids are starting to deviate from what their parents and grandparents and within these next few generations, books will be becoming to an end and becoming unfamiliar just like the “papyrus scrolls” have been to the generations in the past. Books have been around for hundreds of years, could the Kindle be another technological trend or is this new developing technology for reading, putting the books to an end.…

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