Technology And Its Effects On Children 's Health Developments

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Have you ever wondered what everybody has in common? The whole society consists of discrimination and violence against one another, but what makes the whole society agree on? Modern technology based around the internet has caught everyone’s attention. The internet has been skyrocketing in the countries since the mid 1980s when the internet was created (Silicon Republic). Because the internet was found, technology, computers, and cell phones, started increasing dramatically. Young adults, teenagers, and even kids have been glued to their technology. Children on average stare at the television around thirty hours, teens on average send 30 texts per day, and Facebook, instagram, and snapchat are the most frequently used social media sites (TV and Children). Parents and children should decrease the usage of technology because technology is affecting teen’s and children’s education, affecting children’s health developments, and causes isolation. Children have been influenced in different ways while being in school. Being the twenty-fourth century, schools are relying on more technology because they are using it for e-learning, powerpoint, and research, but studies show that using more technology decreases math and reading tests scores. For example, Green, a writer said “According to a study out of the University of Chicago, California’s technology rollout in the late 1990s extended Internet access with the result being no impact on learning outcomes. At all.” Also, “Another…

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