Technology And Its Effect On The Classroom Essay example

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Technology Use in the Classroom
Today, students are remarkably tech savvy and create and consume large amounts of media. In contrast to these students, teachers and principals are often unaware of what goes on in the students’ digital world and are often afraid to engage with it. This gap has created a shift of power in schools allowing students to be the experts of technology. Many educators fear change and the release of power that comes with the use of technology. With the invention of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, media content comes onto campus every minute of the school day through the internet, email, and text messages. Contrary to popular belief, banning cell phones and limiting technology use is not the solution. Educators need to use these technologies to their advantage; however, there is currently little or no formal media literacy education offered for school leaders, despite the role and function they serve as leaders of a technology saturated environment. Being media literate is critical for educational leaders in the 21st century. The integration of technology within curriculum would empower students to become college and career ready (Anctil).
Despite the technological advances outside of the classroom, schools have been slow to adopt new technologies. Industry is far ahead of the educational community, which hinders students as they prepare to enter the workforce. Schools are now playing catch-up for the attention of a new generation of students who…

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