Technology And Its Effect On The Betterment Of Underdeveloped Countries

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The UN has put forth seventeen goals that they feel can be achieved by 2030. After

having success with the goals that they set for 2015, they deemed it necessary to attempt to

continue their success in aiding with the betterment of underdeveloped countries. Technology is

rapidly changing throughout the world every day. Whether it is a new cell phone being released

somewhere, or the less fortunate using the internet for the first time. No matter where a person

lives, technology has an impact in some way. One of the goals that the UN is putting forth is,

“build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster

innovation”(17 UN). Infrastructure, innovation, and industrialization are all backbones that most

successful and modernized countries have. In order for a poorer country to develop these, it

needs to adapt to change and collaborated with ideas from the successful countries.These ideas

that are brought forward should be centered around the daily advances in technology. Through a

combination of technological advances and collaboration from modernized countries,

underdeveloped countries will be able to succeed in improving infrastructure, industrialization

and innovation.

For anyone to be successful, they tend to have had a successful education in the past.

Whether it was a high school diploma or a college degree, an education allows someone to

specialize in a field and put their expertise towards making…

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