Technology and Health Care Paper

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Technology and Health Care Paper
Healthcare and transportation have been growing and evolving almost simultaneously. Although on individual tracks, they are both moving towards a goal. When trying to accomplish a goal, there are some barriers that may challenge the progress towards the mission. As a new member of Sentara Healthcare, one of the largest non-for profit healthcare organizations in Virginia and North Carolina, I was able to see firsthand some areas in the Nursing Centers that needed improvement. One area of opportunity is improvement in transporting patients to needed services. In fact, “transportation is often cited as a major barrier to health care access” (Syed, Gerber, & Sharp, 2014, p. 976). I will like to team up
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The first role the service will provide is medical related transportation. I have seen several patients miss critical scheduled appointments to the hospital or to dialysis because of transportation barriers. Consequently, “these outcomes can lead to poorer management of chronic illness and thus poorer health outcomes” (Syed, Gerber, & Sharp, 2014, p. 976). Billed through Medicaid, or current insurance, patients will be transported to medical related services. This includes doctor appointments, dialysis, hospital emergencies, and surgical procedures. By the service being in house, this will improve the length of time it takes to get the resident to the appointment. In addition, because the service is only being utilized by my facility, it will eliminate the service being unavailable. “Medicaid pays for transportation only if it is the least expensive and most appropriate mode, depending on the availability of the service and the patient's physical and medical circumstances” (Syed, Gerber, & Sharp, 2014, p. 976). Medicaid will be more likely to pay for the service because it will be cost effective, available, and provide staff that is well-trained in transporting individuals with disabling conditions.
The second role would be to provide transportation to non medical services. This includes places like the bank, dental and eye appointments, non emergency doctor visits. A branch under the non-medical service will be a taxi like service. This will provide

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