Health Care Environmental Analysis

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Environmental Assessment of Today’s Health Care
Today’s health care system faces a number of challenges: from commercializing via various media, rising consumerism among patients, digitalizing medical records, and rising health care costs as well as demands. In other words, the health care system is in a constant evolution phase. As a result, there is an increasing focus on the environmental scan model, which uses the organization’s external environment factors to plan the organization’s future plan of action to meet the challenges of modern health care. Furthermore, for a health care organization like Rush University Medical Center to be successful and competitive in today’s health care market shall imply an environmental assessment based
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Therefore, the health care providers these days are encouraging innovation and change in their organizations. With easy accessibility of health care information over the Internet, patients are more involved and aware of their health care needs, which have all led to “consumerism” in health care. Another transforming factor of modern health care is replacing the old traditional paper medical records by the new electronic medical records (EMR). EMR improves the efficiency for health care delivery by eliminating issues such as ineligible handwritten notes, inconsistent verbiage, and the risk of getting health care information lost of misplaced (Furst et al., 2013). Additionally, many health care providers use portals on their websites, which are a secure way to look up for medical records by the consumers. Further, the explosion of internet-based resources and the growing range of social media such as an email, Facebook, blogs, Instegram, and yelp, which are easily accessed through a computer or a smartphone, provides an ever increasing range of options for consumers to reach out to their health care providers. To keep up with today’s innovative marketplace, in 2004 the leaders of Rush decided to incorporate Epic for their EMR, and prior to it implementation proper training was provided (Brown, 2007). Also, the facility renovation …show more content…
As a result, there is a common misconception associated with EMR for privacy violations and misuse of information, due to which consumers are often hesitant to fully provide their medical information. Therefore, one of the most significant regulatory changes in healthcare that took place was Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which was signed in 1996 but was not enforced as a law until 2003 (Berkowitz, 2011). Due to HIPAA, health care providers are now suppose to have the patient’s consent to access their medical records or information. So, the leaders of Rush shall follow complaint measures that can value the patient’s confidentiality with good quality (Berkowitz, 2011).
To sum it up in a nutshell, in order for the Rush University Medical Center to be a better organization they should implement a feasible multi-strategy model that implements innovative marketing with patient-centered approach addressing various socio-economic, cultural, global, and regulatory

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