The Importance Of HIPAA Rule

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HIPAA is a very important act, these rules protect you, your physician, nurse, practice, family, bosses, etc. The privacy of your personal information is very important and anyone who reviles any of your information without your approval they will have committed a violation and there will be penalties for them to face. “Health information means any information, whether oral or recorded in any form or medium that is received by any healthcare provider, school, employer. Any past, present or future medical issues with a person.” (9)
To help people understand the importance of HIPAA.
Penalties of violating HIPAA rules.
How to deal with a situation using HIPAA

HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was enacted in 1996.
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People can very easily take a picture of a piece of paper with someone’s personal information on it, HIPAA is leaning on all electronic records, locked filing cabinets is not enough anymore. When you go to the doctors, get a new job, go to school, there are so many things you cannot do these days without giving a lot of your personal information away. HIPAA rule is the rule we use to be sure that your identification does not get stolen. A person can go a very long ways with just a little information about you. HIPAA rules are not rules to be followed, they are however very presific. If a rule gets overlooked there are many consequences with the law. If you are working with another person’s information you need to be very careful and be sure all the rules are followed. A violation of HIPAA can be many things, it could even be something as simply as someone stealing your laptop from you, if you have information on that laptop about another person that is against HIPAA 's rules and you can be violated. Some people who have been the ones to violate the rule do not even realize what they have done. Make sure you are always very very careful with any …show more content…
Criminal violation takes place when the person who committed the offense did so willingly and knowingly. The minimum penalty for a criminal is $50,000 and one year in jail and the maximum is $250,000 and up to ten years jail time. A civil violation is when the person who committed the offense released the information without knowing it. The minimum penalty for a civil violation is $100 and the maximum is $25,000. The most severe violation is done when someone unknowingly gives information out, due to neglect. The penalty for this violation is $50,000 minimum, and 1.5 million maximum. (11) Any violation can be either criminal, civil or both.If one feels that confidentiality has been broken they are able file a complaint with the Civil Rights Office. There is a time frame of 180 days to file from the incident date. Civil and criminal charges can be served as well as termination of their position. While there is no jail time with civil penalties one is award a monetary amount. There are four levels of penalties with different dollar amounts assigned to each. With the criminal charge there are three different levels with three different jail sentences assigned to each. (8)

Patients information is very important to be kept private. PHI includes information like patient’s name, Social security number, record number, date of birth, admission, discharge or death. Surgerys and any procedures

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