Essay on Technology and Health Care Hcs 531

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Running head: E-HEALTH 1

HCS 531

E-health combines technology with health care. The use of this new and emerging technology allows the delivery of health care to take the form of e-visits, online patient charting, patient access to personal medical records and remote monitoring of vital health monitoring. The use of e-health in health care system with the support of federal guidelines and regulations will help improve the quality, efficiency, and access to
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Most patients would fear the misuses and unsuitable disclosures of one’s personal health info that could be leading to opposing effects, mainly if such info would be obtainable to prospective employers and health insurance strategies. To compound these private and confidential necessities, patients could face added essential learning and technical challenges. Regardless of the universal natures of the worldwide Internet, not everyone has Internet access. It is possible that it is more serious challenges for those patients who would have limited literacies and computer abilities.
Then there would have some financial concerns that would be certainly affecting the uses of e-Health would be the cost of the purchasing structures that supports the e-Health actions. This could become a huge problem as far as the physician’s and the patient’s. As for physician’s, the price of the purchase of an EHR that would help support the PHRs with Web messaging and added e-Health activities would be a substantial venture, averaging systems would cost at least $44,000 per each practitioner (Liang, Mackey, & Lovett, 2011). Then there would have continual support and maintenance fees, estimating an average of $8,500 per year per practitioners, there would be another cost to the physicians that would be supporting e-Health activities. Even though the household computers and the Internet access

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