Technology And Children : Technology Essay

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Technology and children In today’s society, seeing a child or teen spend up to seven hours a day using technology, may not seem excessive. Technology is becoming a major part of today’s society. From television to social media, the world revolves around technology. Yet, what are the effects of all this screen time? Is the overuse of technology something that can be beneficial or will it potentially damage upcoming generations? Some electronic use does have a positive impact on children and teen’s development when dealing with social and reasoning skills. However, there’s bad news as well. Many studies have revealed that too much time with electronics has been linked to risky behaviors, mood problems, and obesity. With More realistic and violent games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, it’s no wonder today’s children have become more aggressive. Several studies have shown an increase in violent behavior resulting from these types of games. For instance, in most games the user plays the role of a specific character, which might entice the player to mimic their characters actions. For example, the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16, 2013 may have had some correlation. The reports from the shooting claim these types of games may have had an impact on Aaron Alexis’s motives. Were violent games the main reason for Aarons actions? No, some mental issues most likely played the largest role. Nevertheless, violent games had a negative effect on his actions in…

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