External Factors Affecting Business Processes

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Nowadays, the main aspiration of any organization is to make more with fewer resources. Achieving this goal requires processes and working flows can be designed and operated to provide maximum operational efficiency. Understanding the changing external factors and their organizations more efficient business processes can provide continuous improve their management. In recent times the information technologies become increasingly important factor for organizations both in terms point of the outer and from the viewpoint of the internal environment level their application in the management of business processes can contribute to rapid changes in the efficiency of this control as in the direction of improvement and retardation in the direction …show more content…
The analysis of externalities is to ensure suitability and sustainability of the organization against their relentless change, and by identification and management of business processes are intended to ensure that they happen quickly, securely and reliably. The main external factors affecting business processes and their scope include: (1) Political, Economic, Social and technological factors. At some point in the development of organization external technological factors are transformed into internal and this may contribute to improve its market position.
Information technologies are those environmental factors that recently time having an increasing impact on the management of business processes organizations. The technology, however, could be a threat to cause adverse operational problems of business failed to keep pace with technological developments and innovations. This negative effect increases the importance of a proper assessment of the technological issues related to the viability of the
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Analysis and evaluation of information processes in the life cycle phases of planning, implementation, maintenance and control of the application of information resources to obtain information that meets the business requirements.
Information technology and global network offers infinite possibilities and means for realization of fantastic ideas in cyberspace. The future belongs to those who understand the great importance of this fact and endeavor to keep up with the times. Regardless of how well people knows and use old technology, it is more important how fast they can learn new ones. In the field of IT, best handle these, which can be oriented well in the new conditions and technologies. We can only imagine what our future holds, but when it comes to Internet and IT, we can be sure of one thing - it will be

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