Change Management On Business Process Management System (BPMS) Implementation

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Major focus of this research is study and then to analyze the impact of change management on Business Process Management System (BPMS) implementation. Business process Management faces several risks of failure just like traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP). Change has to be managed in a proper and appropriate manner. In order to control change management, collaboration and communication are very important factors so that success can be achieved.
As change management or managing any identified change in an appropriate manner is a critical success factor in any organization or in any sector. As a change is a pre-defined conditions or variables that do have an immense effect on the fact that how an organization meets its goals and
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The concussion of implementing a change in business process management system, can be political, personal and social apart from being technical. As a consequence of change, business process management system also use to suffer from almost same sort of resistance as that of other organizational systems. Reason for resistance for a typical business process management system by employees include several factors. Further resistance factors is a personal susceptibility against the change, personality conflicts, non-emphasizing reward system, absence of proper timing for all and separate traditions of all employees or their relationships with the other groups to which an individual is comfortable with and can easily communicate (Todnem. …show more content…
2001). Hierarchy of goals and associated success factors are identified then. After this, requirements are identified and its problems and assumptions are measured. This process leads to formation of concrete requirements at lower level. After this problem vs requirements matrix is formed and results of analysis is calculated and is used further in process of forming a strategy or in other decision making processes.
A questionnaire survey will be conducted in order to evaluate the role of change management in implementing Business Process management system. A phase level evaluation for the change management in implementing business project management is going to be conducted. Change management role will be studied and measured at the different implementation project phases such as project charting phase, project configuration phase, shakedown phase and upward phase. This will assist in prioritizing the sources of change for every phase, on the basis of importance and the impact of change in such a phase.

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