SWOT Analysis Of Ricoh (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

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Ricoh (Singapore) Pte Ltd is an organisation who specialize in providing office solutions to companies. They’re the first company who invent and introduce the photocopier machine, and till date, they maintain second position worldwide regarding market share of customers in this industry compared to other competitors. Ricoh offers a broad range of automation equipment ranging from photocopier machines, digital production printers, and facsimile machines to desk printers.
Constant improvement with new ideas and directions is the way of improving oneself. Ricoh’s vision is to simplify the work process in an office for smooth daily workflow by implementing technologies. Being one of the world’s leading go green company they believe
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Although they launch their first copier 30 years later than Ricoh, they are now placed first in the world in the copier industry. Most of the printing industry companies are FX customers as their machine produces high-quality print. Despite the steep pricing, FX maintains the largest market share and have a good marketing strategy to sustain their image. 3. SWOT Analysis
 Has sponsored many events and sports tournaments
 Production of a broad range of products
 Skilled workforce and has the technical know-how
 Products are environment-friendly
 Maintains at limited cost of production for tiptop quality Weakness
 Low gross profit due to reduction of price
 Competitive market
 Fast technology pace can be challenging to keep up and requires more funds for research and development
 Difficulty in planning inventory
 Recruit and retain qualified workers
 Tapping into emerging markets through innovative products
 Introduce office equipment to enhance workflow
 Introduce easy to use friendly products for upcoming retirees
 Loyal customers and their recommendations
 Consider to participate in joint venture Threats
 Rising cost of raw materials
 Increase in labour
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Machines that will make job scope easier are highly sort after even though these machines might be slightly pricey and complicated to use. Considering companies who are going green, introducing them products that will enhance their productivity is a new opportunity.
On the other hand, manufacturers have to consider that the older generation is unable to cope with complicated machines, Ricoh invent a range of products that are easy to use and fulfills all the essential functions required for their customers. These products cater to the future retirees’ group. With their innovation, they’re able to tap into different emerging markets to expand their business.
Other opportunities that Ricoh can tap on are their list of loyal customers. Customers stay loyal when they like the service they receive, and that the product is worth the money spent. When they are happy with a product or the service they receive, they will likely recommend to someone close to them, and these can be new business

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