Technological Environments And Socio Cultural Environments Essay

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Since Microsoft launched windows 10 operating system, they promote their products actively. To expand the market in China, Microsoft announced that the windows users were eligible for a free upgrade until 26 July this year. However, some user complaint about Microsoft improperly persuade users to upgrade operating system to windows 10, because the user cannot cancel the windows 10 installation but upgrade it immediately or later (BBC 2016).

Application of concepts
This news relates to the technological environments and socio-cultural environments. Technological niche refers to existing technologies are under threat when new technologies enter the market. In past several years, smartphone and tablet personal computer have changed the way of living and working. People can even work and study without anything else (Valcarcel 2015). There is a serious impact on traditional personal computer industry. During last 2 decades, the sales of computer increased rapidly while Microsoft distribute new operating system until the smartphone socked world. Microsoft innovated operating system windows 10 in tablet mode to adapt the mobile device market. However, this tablet mode system can hardly rescue the traditional personal computer sector. Furthermore, disruptive innovation is necessary for Microsoft to create another technology revolution to replace the declining PC industry.

Second, as for the world’s biggest economy, the China’s socio-cultural environments have a significance…

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