The Cultural Domination Of Mexican American Culture In Mexico

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Culture defines the norms, beliefs and practices of a particular society. Usually, the adoption of a particular cultural belief depends on the prevailing circumstances. The various sets of beliefs and norms dictate the nature of lifestyle and the manner of social practices of society. Usually, it acts as the parameter that differentiates individuals.
This paper focuses on the various aspects which inform the current cultural position of Mexico. Also, it seeks to determine several songs, politics and religious beliefs which helped shape the culture of Mexican Americans. The historical evolution of Mexican Americans culture went through various phases that inform the modern Mexico.
The study of various cultures demonstrates the varied roles
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Chicano Renaissance (1968-1974) demonstrated a typical scenario where women participated in active war through guerrilla warfare. Many members of the society recognized the contributions of women and their relevance in shaping the cultural beliefs and norms. Nevertheless, the position occupied by many believers showed a contrasting nature especially regarding the life of Virgin Marry and other sinful women. Coatlicue represented the contemporary women whose lives failed to follow the requisite societal norms and the principles of the church doctrines. The myths and stereotypes built across several cultures dictated the perception given by the society. The article, therefore, points to the nature of such differences and their relevance in shaping the beliefs and values built by the …show more content…
In many in-stances, the image of the saint portrays a great revolutionary from the civil unrest, sinful life and conflicted society into a more concerted spiritual existence. In fact, the Catholic predominantly used the image to portray official reasons for the church to adopt the need to embrace change and revolution The author asserts that “She intercedes on behalf of humans before God and Christ her son, so she is a transmitter through which and to which Catholics pray”, (Gaspar and López, 52). Also, the image of La Virgin de Guadalupe stands as a codex used in the society. Several members of the religious faith demonstrate the presence and existence of the faithful as of high and greatest significant position. Several writers and authors from China recognized the revolutionary and Codex position of La Virgin de Guadalupe and the particular contribution of the saint in the spiritual life. The author argues that “The Virgin of Guadalupe was not the only Virgin venerated by Mexican-Americans in the United States”, (Gaspar and López, 52). Also, the change in the manner of perception of La Virgin de Guadalupe received a major boost after consideration by the pope. The sainthood position, therefore, makes the religious foundation more outstanding and reasonable regarding the perception of the divinity of certain women such as La Virgin de

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