Technical Communication : Technical Communications Course Essays

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Technical Communication
Technical Communication applications is a vital source for interactions in a professional life. In the fall of 2015 I had the opportunity to take a Technical Communications course to strengthen my communication skills. I formulated certain goals that had to be met after completing this class. Beyond my moderate skills this course enhanced my knowledge for developing a professional profile, understanding technical communication, understanding audiences and improved my writing skills.
Developing a professional profile takes in a lot of work. As one has to look through his past professional experiences and note down his achievements and skills. In the class we were assigned a task to create 3 most important documents which are required to make a successful career. Resume, cover letter and memo gram had to be designed on the basis of our prior achievements. In my case I looked through my previous resume and compiled my ideal skills and attached it with my current skills. However, as my structure for my resume was not going to be aligned in a required manner I had to look through the book Lanon’s “ Technical Communication” and professor Mayo’s provided constraints to maintain a structured resume. Due to this assignment my current resume has improved in formatting and well developed action words.
The first communication an employer has with his potential employee is a cover letter. One is judged on the basis of the cover letter. Creating a cover letter…

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