Al Qaeda Red Team Analysis

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Red cell analysis is also known as red team analysis. The red team is a group of experts dedicated to intelligence investigations and provision of warnings where necessary dealing with national and international security. The organization brings the future to the present as far as national and international security is concerned. (Matesk 2009). The idea of the red team analysis was born from the red team military activities or red teaming which was used during the times of war by the US military to simulate the plans of the enemy so that they get prepared in case of any attack. In general, the red team analysis forecasts happenings of the future through science, and psychology. This means that if one desires to know the enemy, he/she will …show more content…
It is believed that Osama and the other founders of Al-Qaeda participated in the volunteer program during the soviet invasion of Afghanistan. They were trained and funded by the US at the time to fight against the soviets. Al Qaeda is categorized under terrorist groups in the world. It is a jihadist, Islamic and extremist group that targets all those who don’t share religious opinions with them, and in this case non Muslims and even those Muslims who attempt to stand in their way. Since its founding, Al Qaeda has carried out major terror attacks around the world including the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center in the US. Just like all other terror organizations, Al-Qaeda thrives on instability in a given area. For example in countries which have no proper standing governments or those countries plagued by war. Examples of such countries are: Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and most recently Yemen. (Bevy, …show more content…
Such sources include: the media, web based communities, public data e.g. government reports, observation and reporting, professional and academic sources, and many others. (Steele, R. 2007).
The Relevant Members of the Intelligence Community
The FBI Due to the infiltration of Al Qaeda into the US, there is need for the Federal Bureau of Investigations to be brought in for thorough investigation because it is hard to identify an enemy in your own population. The failure to identify threats manifested itself when Al Qaeda agents who were American citizens were able to plan and execute the 9/11 attacks. Therefore the FBI would be of great help in identifying such threats.
The involvement of the CIA The CIA is known for its ability to move anywhere in the world to gather information. Therefore would secure America within and without the borders from the terror threat of Al Qaeda. The CIA would also be used in apprehending the culprits after gathering information if there is need for further interrogation.
The Department of

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