Fisa Pros And Cons

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Several benefits of FISA have over years been witnessed. Since its enactment, FISA has been an important tool in the fight against intelligence collection by foreign powers or its agents with an aim of exploiting the underlying US government policies or even to establish its future strategies illegally. The USA Patriot Act has seen FISA expand its strategies in exposition of foreign terrorist groups and combating them in good time. This has seen the US government win the war against terrorism and extremism. The Act has also see reduction of purported threats and acts of terrorism to national security. FISA is also mandated with collection of foreign intelligence which keeps the authorities up to date and on the lookout for external threats against the US.
The coordinated efforts by DOJ and FBI have seen the war against terror minimize and has led to effective foreign intelligence gathering of information. Electronic surveillance allows the US to obtain intelligence surveillance on foreign powers such as spies or agents with a connection to international terrorism groups. The Act significantly maintained top secrets for national security matters at the same time providing essential oversight of the judiciary and congress. FISA has relevantly enforced
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The fact that National Security Agency was authorized to monitor Americans’ international phone calls and emails together with warrantless wiretapping and searches proves that the law was unconstitutional. The Act requires several other amendments to address technological advancements such as automated monitoring methods and foreign intelligence needs. This would be essential in implementation of proper programmatic approval processes. Another criticism arose in that, there was no proper framework to detect who the terrorists were despite the fact that FISA provided for monitoring mere communications of known

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