Personal Narrative: My Idea Of A Team

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While sitting down thinking about our meeting. I tried to figure out myself what the root of the problem was. I have many thoughts about what it is but, I hvae decided that this is what I will communicate to you.

Our relationship has been rocky for a while there are more good days than bad ones. The bad ones seem to happen when Marisha feels threatned by what I do not know.

My idea of a team is a group of people working together to get a job done to help its customers and provide a product that is worthy of our companies name.

I did not know that all or any of my errors were being reported as if I was purposely or not doing the job that I 'm being paid for. Yes there are errors from me and everyone on the team, however, I view that in a positive light we are all
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I never approached Marisha about her errors I would simply put the on sticky 's and return, I did this because when I did early on it seemed to be real touchy.

There was a time when Marisha was not filling applications received from Retirees before retirement. The errors that it caused was the retiree would chooses a different bene from t he one that may have been selected early on in their employment The new apps were not in the files so the old bene information would be requested on the calculation. When I discovered this Marisha said that she had been intending on filing those applications in the individuals file and never got to it. Obviously we had to re request those calculations.

I often get files where the demographic information is not correct, I do not take those files back to Marisha, I simply cross of what is wrong and enter the correct information. I view our work as team thing, I do not believe that people are purposely making these errors, so I correct them, without saying anything. There are many times that I get work and there is nothing

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