Team Project Riordan Manufacturing Business Systems Essay

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There currently is not a comprehensive view of the existing and needed business systems of Riordan manufacturing (Smith Services Consulting Inc., 2011). The management of Riordan Manufacturing has submitted Service Request SR-rm-012 – Business Systems to have Smith Consulting create a summary of the business systems needed for effective management. Technical Team Bravo will begin with an overview of the current systems that exist in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources, Information Technology, and Sales and Marketing. For each area covered, Technical Team Bravo will describe the business systems and subsystems used, identify who uses them, identify interrelations between business systems and
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However, the attendant code is available to programmers, so customization is a possibility. Unfortunately, the system runs on antiquated technologies and programmed in C+.
The Georgia plant also has vendor developed software with source code. This system runs on newer AS400 Linux-servers and is accessed by up-to-date Windows- PC’s (Riordan Manufacturing, 2012). However, the accounting data is copied to media and shipped to the San Jose office. This can cause delays as well as the opportunity for data integration problems. Unfortunately, the Finance and Accounting Department struggles with data consolidation as the Michigan and Georgia plants do not have seamless data integration techniques. Some of the input is delivered via media and others are presented as hard copies manually entered into the San Jose office software. Additionally, the accounting codes for the general ledger are not uniform throughout the corporation. Accounting codes are cross referenced with the Master Chart of Accounts, and converted before importing. The General Ledger is routinely not closed until 15-20 days after the month end (Riordan Manufacturing, 2012). This has been problematic in identifying strategic cash flow planning and market adjustments. The Audit process is understandably labor intensive and creates additional unnecessary labor costs. As well, new government compliance guidelines are requiring

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