Explain The Four Stages Of Team Development

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Team Development and Consensus
A team plays an important role in an organization and is a viable tool of employee inspiration. It is essential to consider the way teams develop and mature over time. Team development builds a captivating environment by empowering co-operation, collaboration, reliance and by building trust among colleagues. Teams will experience four phases. Each phase of team development displays its own specific difficulties when gathering a group of individuals to strive to work together to effectively form a successfully united team. These phases are identified by Bruce Tuckman. The four phases of team development is forming, storming, norming, and performing (Know How NonProfit). In this paper I will discuss the four stages of team development, a healthcare leader’s role in leading teams and what can cause a team to be dysfunctional and what methods a leader can use to resolve the issues of a dysfunctional team.
Four Team Development Stages
Forming Phase
This is the first phase of team development. During this stage, the team will have no thoughts of their goals or expectations. The leader should clarify the goals and expectations with the team. By establishing this, the members of the team will have the capacity to set limits
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Direction for effective leadership should concentrate on the dynamic connections between leadership values, culture, and capacities. The leader should ensure that every member of the team recognizes and comprehends the organizations mission, vision and core values. They should be motivated to recognize what their objectives and targets are for fulfilling the organizations mission and vision while strengthening the organizations values and make them aware the consequences of their actions as well as urge them to concentrate on their endeavors of those tasks in order to accomplish their goals (Heathfield,

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