Team Functioning And Performance Report

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Teams consist of members who coordinate their work towards the achievement of a common goal. Therefore, as a manager, it is imperative to understand what characteristics have the potential to influence team performance. The purpose of this report is to present and discuss factors that influence team functioning and performance to maximise team effectiveness. This analysis focuses heavily on the composition and management stages of the team building process, as the research conducted found these particular phases were of more significance to overall team effectiveness, when compared to team structure, measurement, and promotion. The report will firstly consider the context of teams and define team effectiveness. It will then move on to review the importance of organisational culture and from there will analyse the influences of recruitment and selection. The report will then contemplate the impact of personality and cognition when team building. Finally, this report will consider how motivation affects team functioning and performance.

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However, in order to adapt to external challenges and a constantly changing organisational environment, the once traditional team has since evolved (Tannenbaum, Mathieu, Salas, & Cohen, 2012). According to Fransen, Kirschner, and Erkens (2011) team effectiveness “depends on task characteristics and shared intentions, but also factors, such as team formation, team members’ abilities and characteristics, role assignment within a team, decision making strategies of teams, team leadership, and interdependency” (p. 1103). Although, Mathieu, Maynard, Rapp, and Gilson (2008), suggest the affect and viability of team members also to be considered when measuring

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