Importance Of Working In Teams

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Working in Teams

Working in Teams
Teamwork plays an imperative role in fostering growth and productivity in an organization. A team consists of people who work together towards a shared goal. Normally, teams ensure that cooperation is enhanced and any king of competition that seeks to divide the employees is minimized. Effective teams are defined by the level of satisfaction on the members, the productivity in an organization, and the commitment of the members to remain focused on the tasks. Conflicts are bound to occur, especially when competition, ineffective communication, lack of fairness, and poor leadership are common in an organization. Creating an environment that fosters strong bonds between the employees
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The forming stage is characterized by anxiety since the members may not know each other well or might not be conversant with the roles and responsibilities (White, 2009). As a leader, the goal is to create an environment that will ease the tension and encourage participation and cooperation. Storming is common when there is a disagreement on a number of issues including the rules of engagement and the proposed goals. If the conflicts are not managed at this stage, a team might fail in achieving its objectives. An effective transition from the forming stage helps the members to appreciate one another at the forming state. The strengths and weaknesses of each member are respected and people are more willing to focus on the substance than the emotions and sideshows. As people become more confident and establish stronger interpersonal bond, they begin performing. The members are able to achieve more since they focus on the task and minimize the conflicts. After the team has achieved its objective, it is broken up or …show more content…
A team, as explained before, consists of people who come together with the purpose of pursuing a common goal. There is an aspect of cooperation as people try to avoid competition. In the video, there is division, and the members are not working together. There are different groups, each with its own agenda that are not adding value. Joe Tanney can enhance the team work by addressing the differences that are causing the division. He should have used both the direct and indirect strategies of managing the conflicts. The most appropriate indirect method would be accommodation. Since all members seem to be holding different opinions and there are differences, Joe should enhance accommodation in order to minimize the conflicts. A more direct strategy would be collaboration. In this method, the main goal is to promote cooperation and minimize the conflicts. The members are encouraged to examine the problems together and work towards the solution. For instance, Joe should give the members an opportunity to talk about the issues affecting them. The collaboration enhances a win-win situation for all the members, which minimizes the

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