The Importance Of A Team Work

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In this assignment the author will be exploring and evaluating how teams function. The assignment will also look at what contributing factors make a team work more effectively or less effectively. They will then look at leadership, what makes a good or bad leader and finally they will explore whether leadership has an impact on how effectively a team works.
Buisness Dictionary (2014) describes a team as a group of people that have a full set of complementary skills required to complete a set task. Team members share authority, responsibility for self-management and are all responsible for the collective performance of the team. Gold (2005) defines a team as “a group of agents with a common goal which can only be achieved by appropriate combinations
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Effective communication is an essential part of all nursing roles (Kozier et al, 2012). Communication is a process that involves two or more people interacting to enable the passing of information. Communication can be verbal, non-verbal or written. For effective verbal communication it is important to speak clearly and slowly so that the information can be accurately heard by the other members of the team (Kozier et al, 2012). Active listening is another important skill that aids effective communication and teamwork. Active listening is the ability and willingness of a person to understand and hear what is being communicated to them, it involves paying full attention to what is being said (Hoppe, 2006). Active listening entails time to be able to listen carefully, clarification of what has been said, being interested in what the person is saying and summarising what has been said to ensure the information that has been received is correct (Kozier et al, 2012). To ensure effective teamwork the communication in the team needs to be direct and honest. It will improve effectiveness within the team if there is regular discussion and review of how the team is doing and whether they are performing well and if not, why this may …show more content…
If it is unclear about individual roles within a team this can cause confusion and lead to ineffective teamwork.
Another barrier to effective teamwork can be caused by a strong hierarchy within the team, especially within health care teams as they are strongly hierarchical in nature. If not every member feels like their role is being appreciated within the team then this can cause conflict and upset some of the members of the team. Each member will need to feel that their opinions and views are listened to and taken on board by the other members of the team (World health organisation, 2009).
Assessing team performance is essential in order to improve the way in which the team members work together. This can be done either by assessing the team as a whole or by assessing the team members at an individual level. The assessment should take into account individual learning styles and individual skills that they bring to the team (WHO, 2009). The assessments of team performance can be carried out either by an external person, the team leader or by other members of the team in the form of peer

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