Team Collaboration Analysis

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Journal: Team Collaboration

Description: Describe the communication and teamwork problems noted in the videos. Share how you rated the performance of one of the teams on one of the videos
The STEPP primary care videos and long term care video demonstrated various situations in which team work “failed” due to lack of communication. The first set of videos illustrated team dynamics between front line staff, medical assistants, nurses and physicians. In clip one the breakdown in communication is seen when the attending physician bypasses the reception and helps a friend/patient by having them “fit in to the schedule”. The receptionists is unaware of any patient information other than their name and room number, therefore the medical assistant
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Of all the video this clip demonstrated teamwork even with broken communication. Using the Mayo High Performance Teamwork scale I rated the team in this clinic 15 points. Even though they faced many challenges and hardships due to poor communication and leadership (the physician) the two nurses maintained their professionalism and respect towards both the patients and receptionists. Video three illustrated ineffective collaboration between physician and nursing staff. The physician demonstrated poor behavior and was belittling in front of the patient towards the nurse and staff of the clinic. The nurse was defensive and confrontational. This clip was a prime example of the importance of building strong communication skills and learning how to use conflict management to promote team development (Amer, 2013). The final video segment in the primary segment illustrates the lack of concern from a medical assistant (MA) towards a patient who is late for their appointment. The receptionist attempts to communicate the patient’s history and apparent distress, however, …show more content…
My organization has utilized the STEPPS training in continuing education credits as well as Health Stream modules as an approach to always strive for improving communication between departments. The “four key skill areas form the basis for training: leadership, situation monitoring, mutual support and communication “(Disch, n.d., p.14). Our new graduate nurse internship program would be an excellent example of the STEPPS training program. As a preceptor/ leader you are responsible for help new nurse transition into the role of a critical care nurse. The entire program is six months long with intermittent review periods. At the end of orientation both the preceptor and preceptee complete evaluations. It is vital during this time to have strong and open communication between nurses and nurse supervisors. If a team is not “meshing well” a change in assignment may be needed or if a new nurse is struggling to pick up on the complex needs of the patient population in the ICU adjustments made need to be made in their internship classes or unit

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