Leadership Reflection Paper: La Russa

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Leadership Reflection Papers: La Russa
One of the things I do to prepare myself each week for my classes is to stay connected to the class. I use and check my student account regularly to make sure I don’t miss anything. My student account is my main source of information, it will help me so I don’t miss any important dates, deadlines or any posted information. My student account also allows me to stay connected to other students from my class. I can contact them in case I miss class and I need help catching up. I can also contact them if I ever want to start a study group.
Another thing I do is to set reasonable goals. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with long-tern goals, I just plan ahead for the week. I try to set goals for that week and
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A lot of people think that we do, or at least we don’t perform as well as we could have. We might feel more creative when we are under pressure, but it’s just a feeling. Our product might turn out worse if we are not careful.
Working under pressure can undermine your self-confidence and impair your judgement and behavior. So when working under pressure don’t think about it a bad thing, instead think about it as a challenge. When you think about it as a challenge, it gives you the energy to give it your best effort. It’s an opportunity for you to see if you can make the best project that you can make. One time I was under pressure was when I was working on my final for my Sports Nutrition Class. I had to create a meal plan for another person. Which was pretty stress full.
I had to find a person that was willing to help me with my project. They would have to commit themselves to writing down everything that they eat for the next two weeks. They did not have to change their eating habits, all they had to do was log all of the food they consume. At the end of the two weeks I would have to go over all of the data and examine everything that they ate. So I can see if they were eating all the right food or if they weren’t getting enough of a specific
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Like La Russa said, individuals need to motivate themselves to have a lasting impact. To motivate someone we need to learn on how to self-motive, which it usually comes down to our own core values. Without knowing an individual’s core values, who do we expect to motivate them? By better understanding their values, you will be able to help them to self-motivate. If the group’s project aligns with their values, this will motivate them to work together. You can also encourage the team to communicate, this will help them to work together and understand each other. Holding the accountable will help them get motivated, explain to them that they are no longer an individual they are part of a

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