Teaching Philosophy : Teaching Learning Philosophy Essay

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Teaching-Learning Philosophy Paper Establishing a teaching-learning philosophy is important to all nurse educators, as it allows the educator to clearly and concisely establish who they are, their teaching and learning style, and much more. Just as a curriculum philosophy is critical for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum, shaping student ideas, discussions around curriculum practice and preference, professional development, and decision making; so too is the construction and creation of a teaching-learning philosophy (Iwasiw & Goldenberg, 2015). However, a teaching-learning philosophy is not an end to the means, on the contrary. A teaching-learning philosophy is a guide and personal philosophy that will frequently change as the individual continues to grow and advance.
Teaching-Learning Philosophy My teaching-learning philosophy is rooted in nursing, as I believe that all nurses have the potential to be great educators to their community, institutions, each other, and the lives they touch every day. Additionally, all nurses and educators must be seekers and consumers of education. They must be willing to be lifelong students and possess a passion for knowledge and self-growth. One theorist who has helped shape my life and my nursing career has been Jean Watson. As I move towards a role more focused in education I will carry her wisdom and the knowledge I gained from her readings and work. This quote will follow me and will continue…

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