Teaching Philosophy And Learning Environment Essay

754 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
In teaching there is no single prescribed way to effectively teach students. Often, the approach and techniques a teacher uses will vary according to factors involved with their particular class including the subject being taught, skill area, and even the population of students within the classroom. There is also an array of pedagogical theories with varying opinions and techniques that teachers can integrate and adopt into their own classrooms. That being said, I do believe that there are some features that every teacher should implement into their classroom no matter the individual factors. This paper serves as my teaching philosophy, and in it I will discuss these items and why I believe they are key to any successful classroom environment. The classroom has undergone many changes throughout the years, these changes have been informed by research, new pedagogical theories, and advances in technology. One such change has been a large movement away from the traditional teacher centered classroom to a more student centered learning environment. This type of learning environment focuses more on the learner and allows them to collaborate and participate in small group work which generates more student to student interaction (Brown, p.49). This student to student interaction is encouraged from the set-up of the room to the type of tasks given to students. In the classroom desks are arranged in groups of up to four rather than the more traditional row seating facing the front…

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