My Philosophy Of Future Education

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In our current age and time, education is now more important than ever. The education system has the intense opportunity to influence the minds of the future thinkers, the future leaders, the future’s people. As a result, I understand that such a responsibility also falls onto me because I wish to become a teacher. Therefore, this paper will outline my philosophy I plan to adopt once I reach my goal of being in the classroom with those same future minds. My philosophy I am looking to develop in order to one day integrate in my future classroom consists of the encouragement of intrinsic motivation, the development of a diverse learning environment with different learning styles, as well as allowing students to engage more and fostering a stronger …show more content…
Not only do I want to promote a solid sense of friendship among my own students, I wish to expand their thinking and learning to incorporate other students as well. I truly believe that as a teacher, I am able to foster such thinking through how I introduce and collaborate with other teachers on the matter. Therefore, I wish to complete such a notion through encouraging the developing relationships of a mentor and mentee of students. For example, say I am a teacher for the 3rd grade; I want to collaborate with the grade teachers above and below me. By doing so, I will give my 3rd grade students the chance to learn from their older counterparts of 4th graders, and become a mentor and learning buddy to those in the 2nd grade. I find that a non-traditional approach to the traditional sense of grouping students in the same grade/age will be able to promote a new and stronger level of thinking about students. Thus, this is the reason why I want to incorporate this type of thinking into the teaching philosophy of my future …show more content…
Therefore, I am immensely graceful to become to think in depth about the type of philosophy I wish to integrate into my teaching and overall educational mindset as a teacher. Therefore, as you can gather from this paper, my philosophy of education consists of fostering the intrinsic motivation of learning through the relevancy of the academic world, developing a solid learning environment that incorporates a wide range of learning styles, and finally developing the students’ mindset to work with others outside of their own class/age

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