The Relationship Between Education And The Future

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The nature of life has changed and affected by many factors like society and technology. when we want to focus on education, we will notice that education is related to the future. According to Facer, there are three points that clarify the relationship between education, socio-technical change and the future. First, it is about how future is formed. Second, the relationship between social and technology. Third, the relationship between education and the future. The future is a dynamic and emergent reality, and it is an going process in which people are able to involve. Also, the benefits of technology change and shape the world, and that is considered as a process "co-production" between the technology and the way that is used by the society (2011). The important issue between education and the future is what is the future for schools. The changes in education such as online schools and classes may have an impact on the role of …show more content…
The school is divided to different spaces which are front-of-house, resource mapping, the museum, the common room, the digital layer, the future game, and the staff. Each space of them has a different functionality. For example, the front-of-house space of the school is where community organizations, trade unions, students organizations, local business, parents ' groups and other social activities. All details that offer from these spaces of school play an important role to build students and communities to be ready from the new ecosystem of future (Facer, 2011). To make the future- building schools is real, and apply it in the actual education system.The educators, researchers, activists and policy-makers around the world have to start working on building these schools. That will be achieved by new curriculum, governance arrangements, technical systems and pedagogies. There are nine conditions to have a future-building

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