Essay on Teaching Philosophies Of The Classroom

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All across the world in every classroom, each teacher initializes different teaching philosophies in their own classrooms. Often times these ethics of teaching are used without prior knowledge that they are being inputted into the classroom, they are just the nature of the way that the teacher does his/her job. Some philosophies focus on behavior while others focus on the unique learning path of each individual child. There are several different educational philosophies but the two that I feel will be incorporated in my classroom is essentialism and constructivism. Essentialism is important because the fundamentals of academic knowledge are instilled into the minds of the children. Some schools have diverted off of the main studies (math, reading, English, history, science) and started teaching lessons that are focused on other things that do not have any basis for teaching. Math, reading, English, history, and science are more important for kids to grasp and understand so the children will not be blinded by ignorance once they get to be an adult. Essentialism, I feel is important in the classroom because the basics are the most important for a child to understand because a person needs common knowledge to obtain a job, go to college, do personal accounting, and other things that require academic wisdom in their adult life. Without this philosophy many students lose the chance of living a higher life after graduation because their test scores would be lower and as a result…

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