Essay on Teaching Elementary Writing Skills Test

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Professor Cindy D’On Jones seeked to find out how different approaches to teaching kindergarten students various writing skills affected how they acquired those skills. Instead of the usual one independent variable experiment, two different teaching styles were compared independently of each other to the controlled, “normal” teaching style. Ultimately, the researchers found that the differing teaching styles did not affect the improvement of students’ scores on the foundational writing skills test, but the controlled writing group did not have a score increase as large as the other two groups in the compositional writing skills test.
Effects of Writing Instruction on Kindergarten Students’ Writing Achievement The purpose of this experimental study was to compare the different styles of teaching kindergarten writing skills. Found in a mid-sized Western city, two schools of the same district enlisted six teachers and 112 students in the study. Researchers hypothesized that the foundation writing skills would be learned at the same pace, intensity, and success over the three styles, yielding no score differences; however, it was thought that the writing workshop and interactive writing groups would score better on the compositional writing test than the controlled writing group. Both experimental groups were compared independently of each other to the control writing group. The students and teachers were randomly assigned to the groups, so none of the teachers could…

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