Essay on Teaching Case : Jeremy Judd ( Tanf ) And The Job Placement

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Teaching Case:
Jeremy Judd (J.J.) and the Job Placement Jeremy Judd (J.J.) is an individual that is diagnosed with having minimal cognitive deficiency, adaptive deficiency, and academic skills adequate to his approximated potential. Although, J.J. was born prematurely with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) which resulted in this diagnosis, he is verbal and ambulatory. Fortunately, J.J. has received substantial support at school, which has prepared him for employment opportunities in his community. The school employees who have worked with J.J. recognize his potential to apply the skills learned, for living and working semi-independently in the community. However, J.J.’s grandparents, who are also his guardians, are opposed to the idea. His grandparents are afraid that he will not succeed and will be mocked and disrespected by members of the community. Instead, they argue that J.J. should live with them and lacks employability skills.
The problem with this situation is that both, J.J.’s guardians and school personnel disagree on the community job placement and semi-independent living opportunity. School personnel and J.J.’s grandparents relate to him in different environments. To improve the situation, the teacher and staff can invite the grandparents to the school so that they are able to see how J.J. is able to move about the school and accomplish his daily routines which include walking from one class to another, opening his locker, going to the cafeteria to purchase and eat…

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