Teaching As A Vocation By Duane Huber Essay

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Teaching as a Vocation, written by Duane Huber, brings to surface many problems that teacher face in their profession or vacation. As I was reading this article, I noticed it hinted on a few of the reasons I wanted to become a teacher. I agree with Duane Huber that teaching is not just a profession where teachers can be replaced easily; rather a vocation where a person is called to the beautiful journey of being a teacher. Teachers are called to not only teach children curriculum, but to also enrich children’s lives and provide where safe place where they can freely talk about their journey. As Duane Huber clearly state throughout his writing, teachers have a hard time reaching the potential in their vocation because of standards they are forced to teach. Attending Catholic school all my life, I sometimes saw teachers struggle with teaching standards and allowing students freely express their journey. Teachers were not allowed to let students write about touchy subjects that our faith did not agree with. By not being allowed to share stores about life experiences, teachers are not able to help students dealing with these issues. To become a teacher a person must have a college education where he or she will learn about child development and methods used in a classroom. Even with knowledge in these areas how can a teacher be affective if he or she is not called to become teachers? Effectiveness of teachers deals more with the teacher’s outlook of the job than…

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