Essay on Teaching And Learning Through Emi

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Teaching and Learning through EMI

This section presents EMI pedagogy. It is divided into three stages, namely pre-teaching EMI stage, while-teaching EMI stage and post-teaching EMI stage. Learning aspects are also embraced in this section to understand what is involved in learning across the three EMI pedagogy stages.

Pre-teaching EMI stage
This section introduces a pre-teaching EMI stage which encompasses a wide range of undertakings before encountering an EMI class. Before teaching, teachers raised concerns about lesson planning, teaching strategies, and their English proficiency. All these aspects are covered in this section.

The formulation of teaching at an early stage concerns content teachers. EMI lesson planning is a difficult and time-consuming process, and it is caused the teachers a terrible predicament (Vinke, Snippe, & Jochems, 1998; Jensen & Thogersen, 2011). To be more precise, 67 per cent of Dutch teachers demand an extra time to formulate a lesson at the first time of their EMI implementation. As likely as not, lesson preparation is required to cover many aspects for the teachers who are new to EMI. Without a planned lesson, the teachers could not ensure a smooth transfer of EMI lessons. Zacharias (2013) suggests that the teachers can prepare input slides by summarising concepts, simplifying academic English and translating teaching materials. He also apprised the teachers of another technique; that is the input slides can be in English with technical…

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