Teaching And Experience At Ithaca High School Essay

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Teaching is one of the most critical aspects of education that cannot be done

without experience. It is one thing to learn about what occurs in a classroom and it is the

other to practice teaching and experience what goes on in the classroom by yourself. As a

student who is interested in going into secondary education, working at Ithaca High

School AVID Program as a part of the course introduced me to what I would experience

about 5 years from now. Most times it brought me back to when I was in high school

which overall affected many different decisions I made regarding how students should

learn and ultimately be on a path to success.

Throughout the semester at Ithaca High School, I felt like I was of impact to many

of the students in their academics. Sometimes it would take me a while to solve the

problems due to the fact that it may have been 3 or 4 years since I had seem them. But,

ultimately, I tried my best to use as much knowledge as I could to make sure that the

students not only understood the concept, but also knew how to explain it in several

ways. Sometimes, I even found myself teaching the students ways in which they could

approach problems that they had never seen before. I remember solving a graphing

problem using the slope formula, and one of the students was actually mesmerized as to

how such a concept could work effectively.

Communication with my students at Ithaca High School was one of the most

effective strategies I…

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