Perserverance And Grit?: Have We Fallen Short?

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Have We Fallen Short?
Motivation is something we create with students, not something we do to them, Rick Wormeli. I was encouraged by a friend to read and article by Rick Wormeli called, Perserverance and Grit. Wormeli sees the intelligence, potential, and capability our adolescence possess now days, but why do they quit when it gets hard, why is their patients so short- lived, and why do they rarely reach their full potential? I encounter all sorts of adolescents every day, not including my foster boys, each one is unique in their own personality, culture, and diversity. The most distinct factor of the adolescents I encounter is each one has a messed up home setting. Most come from low social economic settings, some are raised by single
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Wormeli noted that students respond better when the adults working with them are happy to be in the room, enjoying their company and truly enjoying the subjects they teach. Earlier this semester I had the opportunity to listen to a podcast titled “The Problem We All Live With”, in the podcast it discussed a school losing its accreditation and during that process honor students were being taught by teacher who did not have the qualifications to teach the honors class and the students were given work that was a an eighth grade level. Happy employees are productive employees. The teachers at this school were not happy with their resources, students, and staff. It doesn’t take a rocket science to know if employees are have a bad morning, day, or hate their job it spills out into work. When it comes to adolescents no matter how tough they try to act when an adult express frustration toward them they feel as if they have done something wrong. 50 percent of students who drop out hate school (Adolescence pg. 344). So if students hate school as it is and if taught by a teacher who is not happy at work it will only create an environment filled with

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